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Chiropractors have really been given a bad label by virtue of “This is just what I heard.”

Indianapolis, IN– Dr. Joseph’s Kielur’s calling to go into chiropractic care started when he was hurt playing football in high school. Because of this, his neck and back pain proceeded to get worse for many years in spite of pricey treatment techniques consisting of doctor appointments, physical therapy and medicine.

Even as a young man, he knew the possible risk in taking narcotic medication, most especially when it was not helping him recover. When his parents proposed going to a chiropractor, Kielur was against the idea. His prevailing thought, from listening to others, was that chiropractors were not very beneficial at all.

At the same time, his neck and back pain, united with sleepless nights, simply became worse, so he in the end decided to give the chiropractic solution a try. He was amazed to enjoy some alleviation from the agony after his very first visit. While he was not totally healed, the improvement extended some optimism that his neck and back pain would soon stop. Joseph Kielur was beginning to believe in the chiropractic profession.

Following 6 weeks and 20 appointments Kielur was thrilled to be back to normal, tenderness free and robust as ever. It occurred to him that the facts he had been supplied pertaining to chiropractic care had not only been misdirecting, but positively false. How could numerous people be so misdirected that they keep on living in severe pain without getting the help they desperately need?

After asking countless individuals how they came to assume what they did with respect to chiropractic care Kielur was overcome to uncover that a lot of them replied similarly, “Just because that is precisely what I have always was told about chiropractors.” Generally up for a challenge, Joseph Kielur emerged as the local campaigner to accredit chiropractic treatment solutions for neck and back pain and standard pain procedures.

“I realized it helped, I knew it worked incredibly well,” said Kielur. “I also understood that it would certainly help other people so I undertook a personal pursuit to spread the facts concerning chiropractic techniques … at this stage I had not even regarded it as a vocation, heck, I was merely 17 and a high school senior.”

Today, Dr. Joseph Kielur, proprietor of the Mass Avenue Chiropractic Clinic, has just about twenty years involved expertise in handling numerous individuals with a variety of debilitating disorders. His formation of the special DRS Protocol is only one reason he is so successful and esteemed. Check out http://neckandbackpainguide.yolasite.com/ for more information.

About Dr. Joseph Kielur:
Dr. Kielur, originator of the Mass Avenue Chiropractic Clinic, has served Indianapolis area clients for over 20 years. He uses an array of pain managing approaches such as spinal decompression and the premium DRS Protocol. Every one of Dr. Kielur’s pain management solutions are non-invasive, non-surgical, and totally painless so there is no prolonged down time or recuperation period.