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Marble can be found in many variations which are quite often named according to the area of their quarries. Paros and Penteli from Greece, Carrara from Italy, Proconnesus from Turkey, Macael from Spain, Makrana from India, Danby from Vermont and Yule from Colorado.


Marble is a crystallized sedimentary rock, primarily made up out of quartz and orthoclase or microcline. Marble used in a number of applications, including sculpting, buildings and gravestones. In early history, marble was employed in the development of cathedrals and royal residences for an elaborate image. Marble is still popular and is used in contemporary homes to produce an elegant image. Cutting-edge technology and different finishes make marble an useful textile for sinks, bathroom vanities, window sills, flooring and more. A polished finish will bring out depth and color for a sink or vanity top, while a honed finish will offer a slip resistant floor tile.


Faux marbling is a technique of painting which simulates the color and pattern of real marble. Marble dust may be combined with fabricated glues to create reconstituted or cultured marble.


Though marble is typically used as a building stonework in the construction business, it also has other purposes. Ground marble dust is used as an element in paints, plastics and other construction professions. Marble is also recognized for its national associations, for example, it was the longed for resource for Greek and Roman Sculptors and engineers as a symbol for practice and refined taste. Marble is a treasured cosmetic material and its many varieties are often duplicated because of its rich pattern.


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